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In a producing method of the products, which shapes are formed not by an electric potter's wheel, but ashikerirokuro (a kicking potter's wheel), We baked all products in semi-basement anagama, we try to protect Japanese tradition and culture.

All our products are characterized by Yakishime style. The Yakishime refers a high-fired pottery without using glaze. Depending on the direction of the flame or how straw and ash cover the products, the finish of each product is different. Beauty of nature that express texture of clay attracts us. The more the pottery is used, the more its charm is getting to grow. In the famous place of production, for example Bizen,Echizen,Iga,Shigaraki and Tokoname, you can see yakishime that makes the best use of traits of each place.
We have kept making products by the clay mined in Chikuhou that is unique and full of attraction.


Kousaku Inaba

Brief Biography

  • > Born in 1947
    Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture.

  • > 1972 - 1974
    Training pottery in Koishiwara.

  • > in 1974
    Investigation old kiln in Bizen,Tanba and Shigaraki.
    Built a semi-basement anagama in Kama,Fukuoka.

  • > in 1975
    Opened a pottery 'Kyusougama'.

  • > since 1979
    I hold an exhibition every year in Fukuoka city and Kitakyushu city.


Ceramic pottery that express unique culture and a sense of beauty have been made in a design that is not flashy, including elegant and unique eternal beauty.

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Works of Kosaku Inaba
>> June 5th - June 11th, 2019 scheduled
Venue : Izutsuya Department Store 7F, Kokura Location, 1-1 Senba-machi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu
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>> October 1st - October 6th 2019 scheduled
Venue : Art Gallery of MURAOKAYA 3F, Shintencho, Tenjin, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
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You can visit us.

You can visit us.

Tour of the Kyusougama

If you are interested in pottery - baked tightening pottery , please come and visit our pottery.To make a reservation, please call us in advance.

We will respond to consultation about the student's experience of making pottery and social studies.

For details, please contact us from here.


1264-2, Kamiyamada, Kama city, Fukuoka

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